All of our products are made using only free range, Scottish pork, reared in Aberdeenshire. To find out where our pork comes from meet our main supplier Louise's Farm Kitchen.

Sliced packs will be available in our online store. For any order requiring whole joints please pop us an email at [email protected]  or get in touch  through the website to let us know what you are after.


Crafty's Fennel Salami
Crafty's signature pork salami seasoned with fennel seed and freshly cracked black pepper, then finished with a friendly dram of Scottish single malt whisky.

Sold whole or sliced this is a truly great twist on a classic salami.

Crafty's Spicy Salami
Crafty's favourite pork salami seasoned with a warming combination of herbs and spices inspired by flavours from Africa and the Mediterranean and finished with a hearty glug of chocolate stout.  

Sold whole or sliced this is our idea of the perfect salami and one we are truly proud of.
Angel's Share Pancetta​​
Succulent pork belly drenched in single malt whisky, dry cured and finally smoked with whisky oak chips for a delicious, meaty taste of Scotland. 

The pancetta can be eaten out of the back but it is at its best when cooked and  served slightly crisped and caramelised, we love it in a simple fresh tomato pasta. Sold sliced or as lardons, great for throwing into your favorite meal!
Coffi-choca-chilli Coppa
Fine cut pork shoulder rubbed with fresh coffee, cocoa and chilli and then air dried. A lovely tender treat, bitter sweet and spicy.

Sold sliced and ready to eat and definately one to savour for its deep, rich flavours.

Garlic and Black Pepper Spalla
Tender pork shoulder caressed with crushed garlic and black pepper and air dried to deliver an aromatic delight bursting with rich, savoury flavours.

Sold sliced and ready to eat, a great stable of any charcuterie board.
Smoked Guanciale with Juniper
Pork cheeks rubbed in juniper and black pepper, infused with single malt whisky and air dried before being smoked with whisky oak chips. A prize cut for its, deep, rich but delicate flavours this is made for those with truly fine taste.

Sold sliced and ready to eat or to be used in cooking this product is a real treat, a highly prized  product both here and with our European friends. 

Dreich Day Lonza
Coming Soon - we want this to be absolutely perfect so have to wait a little longer!
Pork loin cured with whisky and orange then air dried with a fennel seed rub. A beautiful blend of citrus, herb and malt.

Sold sliced and can be eaten straight from the packet, literally within seconds of recieving it - it's that good.
Prosciutto di Turra - Turra Ham
Coming Feb 2019! This one requires patience, extreme patience...
Whole pork leg drenched in whisky and air dried for a minimum of 14 months. Aged with patience and well worth the wait for charcuterie perfection with a Scottish twist.

Sold as a whole leg or slice this is ready to eat and one to really relax and take your time over.